What is Too Much Sugar Doing to Your Performance & Recovery?

Learn how excessive sugar negatively impacts your body and easy swaps to fuel before and after practice - Kick Your Sugar Cravings In The Gutter

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Kick Your Sugar Cravings In The Gutter Guide?


"For a long time, I've tried to follow standard nutrition plans to optimize my recovery at meets and between workouts. With the help of Erica and DNA testing, I've learned that nutrition is not one size fits all. Knowledge of genetic differences that cause sensitivities to certain foods has helped us to come up with a plan for tailoring my nutrition uniquely to my body."
Carson Foster
Collegiate & World Champion

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What’s in Kick Your Sugar Cravings In The Gutter?

This guide is designed to educate you on what sugar is doing in your body in excessive amounts; how it’s impacting your performance and recovery.  I’ll provide you some easy and portable items to help properly fuel your body before practice and recovery after practice.  I’ve also dropped in some of my favorite healthy sweet treat recipes that are super simple to make.


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Created By Erica Beine

A certified sports nutritionist and health coach, Erica has worked with some of swimming's most recognizable names on how to eat, supplement, and recover based on their genetics. As a former Division I college coach for 13 years and personally, an NCAA All-American, Erica fully understands the sport of swimming and the demands both physically and mentally on the athlete. Since she began working with athletes outside of the pool, she's seen individuals hit new best times for the first time in years, seen recoveries improve up to 26% better daily, and much more. She has a passion to completely change the nutrition model that swimmers are using for fueling, recovery, and performance.

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What others have said about working with me!

"I learned my body doesn’t tolerate/ metabolize artificial sweeteners and has a genetic mutation that interferes with proper absorption of certain vitamins. These two aspect are predominant in most of western foods the average person encounters in a day and it’s invaluable to understand what you put in your body is doing to you body, mind, & overall well-being. I’m a firm believer that you truly are what you eat and you only can perform as well fuel your body and train your body. Working with Erica has given me in valuable insight to that!"
Grant House
Collegiate All-American
"Working with Erica was AMAZING! She helped me dissect 38 genes and worked with me so I could fully understand and make immediate changes. This will help me during the final part of my swimming career and in the next chapter of my life. I wish I had done this earlier!"
Trent Pellini
Collegiate All-American


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