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I saw many of my athletes struggle with nutrition over 13 years of Division I college coaching.  I began to question the theory, with over 40 people on a team, why do we treat them all the same nutritionally?  Each of these athletes cannot respond to food and exercise the exact same way!  Why are we catering to the masses instead of the individual?

I questioned my own nutrition and training as a former NCAA All-American athlete.  Could I have been even faster knowing what my body actually needed?

I started to learn, research, and educate myself on nutrition, specifically personalized nutrition.   I worked with athletes individually and saw results within a week.  I knew my theory of personalized nutrition was gaining momentum.

After 13 years of building a career where I had become one of 4 women doing what I was doing at the time, accomplished a feat no other woman had ever accomplished, and was the youngest head coach in my sport for NCAA Division I teams.  I decided to walk away……

I knew I could serve my family better and serve  far more people by bringing my personalized nutrition approach to athletes that weren’t just in my sport of expertise, but across all sports.  What I saw was astounding!  Personalized nutrition works for EVERYONE!

My approach is one-of-a-kind, and that is why I love it.  I get to know YOU and I uncover what YOUR body needs.  I don’t play guessing games.  I get real scientific data and build a program catered to you and your goals.  Personalized nutrition works for YOU!


"Being an athlete at the NCAA level, I'm always looking for a way to maximize my performance in and out of the pool. The program Erica offers is absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to know more about their bodies performing at a high level. She is timely, accommodating, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful at all times, and set me on the right path for fueling myself to be at my best. From advice on certain food groups, to supplements and amazing recipes, Erica helps me every step of the way to ensure I'm at the top of my game."
Male NCAA Championship Qualifying Athlete
Age 20


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