Team Workshops

We work with you to design the workshop topics to hit the exact needs of the team at the right times of the season.

Monthly Nutrition Bites

We provide nutrition information in small "bites" that you can add to your team newsletters, websites, social media, or print and hang up at the pool.

Monthly Coaches Check Ins

We meet with the staff monthly to discuss areas of needed nutrition support, upcoming travel challenges, and individual cases.

Small Group Meetings

We will meet with your small group headed to a championship meet, open water event, or a group of choice needing specific education.

One-On-One Support

We offer discounted support for individual swimmers that want a deeper dive into their personalized nutrition program and fueling routine.

In Person Visit

We will make a site visit once per year to meet your team in person, do a workshop, and meet with individuals on the team.

Our Team Partners


Be an Unstoppable Team in the Water!

"The Sandpipers of Nevada are incredibly grateful to partner with Beine Wellness Building. We struggled to find a nutrition and wellness partner that could connect with our families at all levels. Beine has been everything we were looking for to help our team understand how to fuel properly throughout the season and promote healthier living for our families. Erica, Ariel, and the rest of the team are easy to work with, informal for all levels of athletes, up to date on new research and trends, and accommodating to what we think our team needs to be at their best. We are excited to continue our partnership with Beine Wellness Building for seasons to come!"
Coach Michael Kinross
Sandpipers of Nevada


Our entire team swam in college and played the guessing game at what should be on a plate on a daily basis.

The common philosophy is “I’m a swimmer, I can eat whatever I want.”

But are all foods created equal in fueling and recovering the body?  NO

Is every swimmer’s body the same and will tolerate foods the same?  NO

Should all swimmers be taking the same vitamins and supplements?  NO WAY!

That’s why we help your swimmers and parents learn the right timelines and types of foods to use in a daily routine.

"Working with Beine Wellness has allowed our athletes, coaches and families to better understand not only the role of nutrition and recovery, but also how to take control of their own health! The knowledge gained by working with the team has been a major advantage in and out of the pool, and we see the impact every day. The time, effort and care that Erica, Ariel and the whole team put into each athlete and family is truly incredible. We cannot thank Beine Wellness enough for all that they have given to our team!"
Coach Jack Collins
Badger Swim Club

Here's what you'll experience…


We'll provide all the support your swimmers need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely NOT!  We follow HIPPA guidelines and use a CAP Accredited and CLIA Licensed lab for all testing. 

This Zoom call is strictly informational.  We’ll ask you about your team so we can listen and learn about your team’s specific challenges with nutrition and recovery.  We’ll explain how we work exclusively with a team and give you an inside look at the support provided through a partnership relationship.  We’ll also answer all of your questions and share information you may need from our end.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales call so you can relax in knowing we are NOT trying to sell you anything.

Nope!  Some of us were coaches as well so we know the last thing you need is another plate to juggle.  We make this process as simple as possible for you as a coach to get your team the best nutrition support without having to dedicate hours of your own precious time.

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