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"I want to be able to gain every little percentage and edge I can to help me master my craft. I enjoyed every process along the way of dissecting my DNA with Erica. We found out new ways to help me get better by adding supplements, adding foods, and taking away foods that were hurting me. I am forever grateful for Erica taking my swim career to the next level knowing every detail matters in and out of the pool. I am now confident the supplements I am on and the foods I am eating are helping me get better. "
Caeleb Dressel
7 x Olympic Gold Medalist



I'm Erica

I created and designed the first completely personalized nutrition program customized using genetics and lifestyle.

I have a passion for helping people eat, supplement, and recover for their genetics.  I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all nutrition.  Your body is a Formula 1 race car, give it the right fuel it needs and deserves. 

Working with me, you’ll learn how to fuel YOUR body.  No two clients have the same genetics so they never have the same nutrition needs.  That’s why I have become the premier nutritionist for personalized nutrition – to help people have the health and performance they’ve always wanted, but could never achieve.

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You’re DNA isn’t generic.

Your food, recovery, and supplements shouldn’t be either.

Are you with me?




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"As an athlete at the highest level, I've always wanted to know how my genetics work with the foods I eat. Erica was super helpful & knowledgeable in getting me on the right path with nutrition and planning what to eat to keep me at the top of my game. Erica worked around my schedule and designed a meal plan based on my genetics as well as recipes which made my life a lot easier. I am now set with different things to eat yet still being able to meet my nutritional needs on the road to Tokyo 2021."
Enzo Martinez-Scarpe
2020 Olympian
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