Does a Multivitamin Really Help Me?

Multivitamins are very popular and are the most common supplement used. They contain many different vitamins, minerals, and come in many different forms such as gummies, tablets, liquids and powders. Vitamins are mostly taken once or twice daily. Multivitamins contain many minerals that are very important for your health. The minerals may help boost immunity, promote brain function, eye health as well as help keep your body functioning in the right way. 

Multivitamins should not be supplemented for real food, but rather used with good nutrition in order to help your body function in good order. You shouldn’t be taking a vitamin to supplement a bad diet. It’s really important to focus on having a balanced diet with fresh whole foods. If you are interested in learning more about your specific vitamin levels in your body you can have your blood drawn by your primary healthcare doctor. From there you can chat with them about if you should be supplementing for specific nutritional deficiencies with vitamins like Iron and Vitamin D. 

It is also important to note that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate supplements as strictly as it regulates prescription drugs. Some of the ingredients in the vitamins and minerals are from real foods or they can also be synthetic forms. Be sure to check the ingredients on your multivitamins for synthetic forms of vitamins as these tend to cause inflammation and a lot of free radicals in your body. 

Some great brands of vitamins that we recommend are Thorne, Nordic Naturals, Klean Athlete, TB12, and Momentous. Be sure to check out our amazon storefront for these vitamins, linked below. If you want to learn more about vitamins and supplementation be sure to book a consultation with us as well as getting your DNA tested.

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