Higher level swimming requires a unique combination of endurance and technical  skill. Dry land training plays a critical role in developing these attributes which allow  swimmers to generate more power, speed and efficiency in the water. Here are 3  reasons why. 


Building full body strength improves overall swimming performance with  anything “stroke specific” (i.e. holding / maintaining body position on the  water). Strength training also is a key component for injury prevention.  Because swimmers can be susceptible to overuse injuries (due to the repetitive nature of the sport), building strength helps to protect swimmers from these types of injuries, improving their overall swimming health and longevity in the sport.


In addition to building strength, the conditioning element of dry land training improves the swimmer’s ability to maintain a high intensity effort for a more extended period, making it possible to perform at a higher level throughout multiple events and / or training sessions.


Finally, being able to dynamically express strength and conditioning (in an aquatic environment) is the purpose of mobility for the swimmer’s dry land training. 

By focusing on developing strength, conditioning, and mobility (through dry land training), swimmers can improve their overall performance and have a long and healthy swimming career.


Atiba is a swimming, fitness, and nutrition coach that has spent virtually a lifetime  competing / performing at a high level of athletics. 

2 x Olympic Trial qualifier, NCAA All-American (from the University of Georgia), and former National age group record holder (Philadelphia Department of Recreation) are some of Atiba’s accomplishments in the pool.  

Outside of the pool, Atiba is the creator and owner of H2GO FITNESS. His company provides dry land fitness training, nutrition coaching, above / below water video analysis, and swim coaching. H2GO FITNESS has done coaching / consulting / contracting for athletes, gyms, swim clubs, television, film, and the United States Military. 

Atiba is also a videographer, photographer, visual artist, scuba diver, free diver, and SAG AFTRA stunt performer.  

Visit: H2gofitness.com for more information.

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