My favorite part of the day is coming home after morning practice and making myself a nice full meal. I am usually thinking about what I want to make with a half an hour left of practice because I get so hungry! But, I most likely stick to the same thing every morning…avocado toast. Feast your eyes on the image below and then keep scrolling for my recipe.

avo toast for the win

Everyone has his or her own version of making their avo toast but here is mine:
I toast two slices of oat nut bread and spread one whole avocado across the both of those slices. I then add one of my FAVORITE seasonings from Trader Joes, Everything but the Bagel, and top with feta cheese crumbles. I then make two over medium eggs, left a little runny because that’s the best kind, right?! Put those eggs on each slice of toast and cut some Roma tomatoes to add to it.
It literally takes me 5 minutes to make. So quick, easy and filling as well!
Here’s why I love it: I FEEL BETTER! Yes, you read that correctly. When I start putting healthier options into my body to fuel me for my workouts, I feel better. My coach always tells me that in order to keep the engine running I need to fuel it. Providing yourself with the proper nutrition to keep you going throughout the day is so important. Especially the first meal of the day.
If you have not tried avocado toast before, you don’t know what you’re missing! I highly suggest you try my recipe, it will rock your world!

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