Benefits of Infrared Sauna

I’m sure you all have sat in a sauna at one point or another, but have you ever experienced an infrared sauna? These saunas are not like your traditional ones. 

Infrared saunas emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat, which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. The light gently heats your body from the core and not the air around you. So you most likely won’t sweat as much as you do in a traditional sauna. The infrared heat penetrates your skin and tissues, raising your core temperature. Your sweat comes from deep within your cells, pulling all the toxins out of your muscles.

If you have a high risk of inflammation, injury, or you train multiple times a day or week, you should consider using an infrared sauna at least 2-3 times a week for only a half hour. The daily grind of any athlete can be very intense and you need to make sure you are recovering in the best ways possible so that you can keep coming back everyday at your peak to perform.

The benefits of using an infrared sauna include: improving cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, removing toxins, boosting your immune system, skin rejuvenation, improves sleep, aids in weight loss and pain relief, increases workout recovery and provides stress reduction. You can get all those benefits and MORE while relaxing for a half hour. I’m in!

Infrared saunas can be used by everyone, not just athletes, to obtain many benefits. Wherever you are, there will be a franchise or local small business that most likely has an infrared sauna. CYL studios are franchises across the country that use infrared sauna pods so get on google and see if there is one near you! In Knoxville, TN there is CryoStretch which is where I go 3 times a week since I am training at the University of Tennessee. Sometimes I even pair the infrared sauna with cryotherapy to see maximum benefits.

You can also purchase an infrared sauna blanket on amazon if you want to use one in the comfort of your home. It is a pricey investment but a great one down the road. We recommend the brand Higher Dose.

Let us know what you think of infrared saunas and what benefits you have seen from them! Happy sweating 🙂 

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