You’ve heard of the cold buster smoothies at your local famous smoothie joint. They have all kinds of fruit and yogurt and “boosters” you can drink to bust up your head cold. Unfortunately, those same smoothies are not only boosting whatever you asked for as a “booster”, but they’re also boosting up your blood sugar. But it’s healthy sugar right? Well sugar is sugar whether it comes from cheesecake or fruit smoothies. Your blood sugar still does the same thing, trends upward. Getting confused and feeling a little betrayed by your favorite juice joint? I’m going to break down the facts for you below.

If you look at your famous smoothie joint’s cold buster smoothie, you will find ingredients that you can pronounce, which is a good start. You will also find in a medium sized smoothie, 82g of carbs and 75g of sugar with only 5g of protein. My blood sugar is already going up thinking about ingesting this smoothie. What do 82g of carbs and 75g of sugar actually mean? Yeah they’re big numbers, but how big? To give you some reference, when I was a gestational diabetic, I couldn’t exceed 40g of carbs per meal and 20g of carbs per snack. So along with busting your cold, you’re also busting your waistline.

Instead of all that extra glucose floating around your body, I came up with this hot cold busting beverage partly in thanks to a product from my friends at Applebee Farm.

If you haven’t tried Applebee Farm’s honey yet, it’s a flavor experience your taste buds will thank you for. You can get their honey from their Etsy site: or follow them on Facebook at

My three ingredients are…..drumroll…water, Thieves Vitality essential oil, and Applebee Farm Lemon Honey. That’s it. We’re talking 5-9g of sugar from honey vs 75g of sugar from ingredients like sherbert.

How do you make this cold busting potion you may ask? Well you need the three ingredients I listed above:

8-12 oz of Hot Water

1 drop Young Living Thieves Vitality Oil

1-2 tsp Applebee Farm Lemon Honey

Mix all those ingredients together in your favorite mug and sip away.

You may be wondering, what in the world is Thieves Vitality oil? Well it’s basically a virus’ worst nightmare. Thieves Vitality is a Therapeutic Grade essential oil combining cinnamon bark, clove, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary. These ingredients help support a healthy immune system. Just some of the awesome properties of these ingredients are listed below:

  • Cinnamon – packed with antioxidants and helps relieves inflammation
  • Clove – naturally an antiseptic and ant-inflammatory
  • Lemon – helps with inflammation, infections, and fevers
  • Eucalpytus Radiata – helps fight infections and reduce inflammation
  • Rosemary – naturally an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

Get yourself some Young Living Thieves Essential Oil and some Applebee Farm Lemon Honey and say bye bye to that nasty cold.

Watch Out Head Colds

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